Meet Hack.
Hack is a puppet with problems.
Hack loves PAIN. Both giving and receiving as his unique, bondage helmet may suggest.

Place Hack on your hand and traumatize the local faire. Consider yourself lucky if you can pull him off and still have 5 digits remaining.

Hack is a fully functional hand puppet, completely original and completely handmade. His head is hand sculpted and poured in latex, then hand painted and airbrushed. He wears a tattered, blood stained and worn butcher's outfit complete with real vinyl apron. Hanging from his apron via little fish hooks are bloody hunks of his recent victims as well as a peeled face (Barbie's?). We're talking DETAIL here! THIS IS NO TOY PEOPLE!

Sure to stop anyone in their tracks when they scan your collection of oddities.

1 Handmade Puppet
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